Tuff Leadership Training for Social Impact Organisations

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  • Language: English. Platform: Zoom.
  • Five half-day sessions from 11:00–14:30 CET
  • Price: £500 / €577 / 6690 SEK / 607 USD (excluding VAT). You can choose to pay by card or invoice at check-out.
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Do you care deeply about your organisation’s mission, purpose and values? Do you find that the working climate, leadership culture and way of relating to each other in your organisation is getting in the way of having the impact you believe is possible?

If you answered yes, you are not alone! Join this course, designed specifically for people working in the social impact sector (broadly defined to include any NGOs, public sector and social enterprises with a primary goal of social impact) and at an affordable price. You will have the opportunity to train together with peers in this sector in the mindset and skills needed to better achieve your organisation’s purpose through unleashing the potential in your teams.

Listen to Katherine Wynne, CEO of UK based Croydon Mencap, sharing her insights and learnings from the training.

”Thank you for this course. It has had quite a profound impact on me, in particular learning about my own mindsets and challenges that are getting in the way for me.” –Hannah Harvey, Head of Programme Development and Policy, Welsh Centre for International Affairs

Organisations in the social impact sector face a myriad of different challenges such as: changes and uncertainty in the political landscape, working with volunteer-based workforces, frequent and/or major reorganisations, lack of funding, and navigating external regulations and compliance. What they have in common is a commitment to being purpose-driven.

We believe the source of new levels of collaboration, innovation, and development is not new structures and processes but addressing the dynamic underlying how we work together. By shifting this dynamic from one that is parent-child and hierarchical, to one that is adult-adult and partnership-based, we can unleash the leadership potential across our organisations.


The cost per participant is £500 / €577 / 6690 SEK / 607 USD (excluding VAT).We also love being able to make our courses accessible to purpose-driven organisations with less funding. If this price point is a barrier for you, get in touch to have a conversation with us to see if you qualify for a further discounted rate.

In this course you will get practical tools and training that will enable you to:

  • Be more coaching and contribute to others’ development (instead of people being dependent on your knowledge and experience)
  • Give powerful feedback that makes a difference
  • Support and empower your colleagues in times of change and uncertainty
  • Be more confident in having difficult conversations
  • Practice new conversations and ways of being in a safe learning environment
  • Get feedback and coaching that brings new levels of self-awareness

  • “The training was really well-designed and delivered and managed to find the perfect balance between pushing us out of comfort zones but in a safe and supportive environment.  ”
    — Lindsay Isaacs, Area Manager, The Trussell Trust
  • “They allow you to re-examine your default response to any common management problem and adopt a more empowering environment in which people take on responsibilities and have space to develop without feeling pressured. ”
    — Hekate Papadaki, Head of Pathfinder Programme, The Trussell Trust
  • “Gives you a great perspective on what leadership is about, how you should position yourself in relation with your employees and colleagues and gives you concrete tools you can use to handle the difficult conversations we all need to have. ”
    — Horatiu Ticau, Global People Operations Lead, Seedstars
  • “A brilliant training in how to be at work and how to have effective conversations at work. ”
    — Katie Rose, Programme Manager, Center for Public Impact
  • “This training will challenge you to the max. Everything you thought you knew, think again. It's been an amazing journey for me and one I want to continue. It has given me the tools/skills to be a better version of myself. ”
    — Mo Hunstone, Wellbeing Leader, Wellbeing Teams
  • “A completely new perspective on leadership and what it means to be a leader. ”
    — Kerry Isherwood, HR Manager, Macmillan

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