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Tough training in the mindset and abilities needed for more self-managing employees and teams

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  • The programme consists of 3 modules spread over approx 4 weeks. Each module consists of two half day sessions (11:00-14:30 CET).

To make our training more accessible to NGOs, we have created a special programme. It is an international, English-language programme in which managers from NGOs all over the world can participate. This means as well as the transformational Tuff training we have become known for, participants will also be able to share challenges and learning with likeminded professionals from their sector.

In Sweden, we are a well-known supplier in the public sector, especially as many organisations are in the midst of large change initiatives such as digitalisation and innovation which require an updated leadership style. There is a national strategic plan to spread trust-based ways of working, which Tuff has been able to support given our experience in enabling managers and employees to develop new skills in this area. Recently, our leadership training has also been discovered by several international NGOs. Given that Tuff’s mission is to create better, more human workplaces and have a positive social impact, this is a welcome development.

Content and layout

The programme consists of 3 modules spread over approx 4 weeks, and is led by one of our certified Tuff leadership trainers. Each module consists of two half day sessions (11:00-14:30 CET) in a row. Between each module you have time to try out your learnings, and meet up with your learning group (also online).

The training is practical and is designed to develop the leadership mindset and skills needed to unleash responsibility and commitment in your teams. Your old patterns and behaviors will be challenged, and you will become aware of your pitfalls and strengths. Real-life role-plays combined with individualised, powerful feedback mean that you will find new and better ways to deal with the challenges you are facing. The overall theme is a coaching leadership approach, which is translated into different kinds of conversations such as feedback, coaching and relationship conversations. You will get a variety of new tools that you can apply right away. The methodology used is Tuff Leadership Training’s own, which has been developed for more than twenty years and is known for producing tangible results.

Practical information

Tuff Leadership Training for NGOs online takes place digitally on Zoom, and you will receive a link via email where you connect to the digital classroom. If you have not used Zoom before, please download the Zoom client (Zoom Client) in advance here. If your company has restrictions on using the program, you can try to join with the meeting ID via the zoom website. To test your system and Wifi with the program follow this link. It is preferable to use your own computer from a quiet place and we find that it doesn’t work so well to use your smartphone or tablet.


The cost per participant is €290, or USD$350 or £250. This is for Phase 1 (3 modules).

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us on +46 (0) 8-446 16 20 or email us on info@tuffleadershiptraining.com

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Kursdeltagare Tuff

  • “Eye-opening experience, that everyone should take.”
    — Marin Petrov, Co-Founder, Hack and Paint, England, course participant Step 1
  • “ If you are interested to develop yourself as a leader (in any way), this is the course/training for you! It will shake you and your views around and spit you out with a new mindset :-) ”
    — Gustav Henman, CFO and Founder, Beetroot, Ukraine, course participant Step 1
  • “ A true and tangible "toolset" for being even better at what I truly am - to get unstuck in tough situations.  ”
    — Eveleijne Bruning, Director, The Hunger Project, The Netherlands, course participant Step 1

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