Tuff Leadership Training Step 1

Four days’ intensive training in which you will learn the basics
of a coaching leadership style and attitude.

  • Tuff Leadership Training Step 1 in English available in Stockholm
  • Jan. 16-17 & Feb. 13-14, 2020
  • Stockholm

Are you tired of working too much, of carrying all the responsibility on your shoulders? Tired of employees who seem to be dependent on your drive and energy and your knowledge? Are you interested in more self-managing employees and teams? 

It all starts with you training new ways of leading. This education is for you who really want to develop as a manager and leader, irrespective of whether you are new in your leader role or more senior and experienced.

What results can I expect from the training?

You will notice a big difference in the quality of your conversations with your employees and you will also notice that your team meetings become more efficient and creative. Your employees will take on new levels of responsibility and be much more motivated and engaged. This will then, among other things, lead to you having more time to work proactively and to have a long-term perspective.

Our training programme will help you discover:

  • How to make your employees take greater responsibility and be more proprietary towards your business, and how you don’t have to be the one who solves all problems, checks that things get done or goes on about‚ getting the report in on time‚
  • How to motivate and strengthen your employees, especially during troubled times‚ when they are feeling anxious about the company
  • How to talk to a dysfunctional employee
  • How can I give someone some bad news without appearing too harsh and ”managerish”‚ while remaining frank and to the point
  • How to improve what you perceive to be a poor relationship with one of your employees
  • How to give effective feedback that gives lasting results without it draining your energy

What does the course entail?

The course consists of four days of intensive training. It starts with two consecutive day-long sessions in which you will learn the basics of a coaching leadership style and attitude. After a month or so, during which you will be able to put your new skills into practice, you’ll build on them with two more days full of more advanced techniques and training. There will also be a half-hour coaching meeting with a Tuff trainer one month after course completion.

Practical, relevant training – a common thread

An important part of your development as a leader is to identify and be aware of pitfalls and strengths. To this end, the course contains a great deal more practical skills than theoretical models. You will practise in true-to-life role-play situations, receive abundant feedback and find new, more effective ways of dealing with the challenges and problems you wrestle with. Many concepts will be turned on their head, and you’ll find yourself with a whole new set of tools that you can put straight to use.

When and where?

The course takes place in Stockholm and lasts in total of four days (2+2), starting at 9.00 am and ending at 5.00 pm every day. It is held regularly in Swedish in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, but also in English in Stockholm, Amsterdam, London and Kiev (for more information and registration please visit www.tuffleadershiptraining.com where you’ll find the next available course dates).

What does it cost?

SEK 22000 excluding VAT (or 2400 Euro/2100 GBP excluding VAT), for all four days + a 30 minute coaching meeting. The price includes lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments and all materials.

Read more about how the training can benefit you and your organisation!

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Kursdeltagare Tuff

  • “ Kursen har gett mig perspektiv på mina sanningar och bara att gå den har varit min stora framgång. Man kan inte gå denna kurs utan att blotta sig själv! ”
    — Anders Rånlund, Riksrevisionen
  • “ Vikten av att förstå mig själv och hur mina handlingar/mitt agerande för att kunna förstå andra. En insikt i att trots att vi alla är väldigt olika så är vi också väldigt lika.  ”
    — Ann Lundström, Naturvetarna

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